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BILS organised orientation seminar on labour situation-2016 and way forward to protect workers’ rights

seminar on labour situation-2016 and way forward to protect workers’ rightsBILS organised an orientation seminar titled “Labour Situation-2016: Way Forward to Protect Workers’ Rights” for the journalists working with labour rights aimed at discussing elaborately about workers rights, workplace situation, working hour, protection and social safety on April 30, 2017 at BILS Seminar Hall.

The seminar was organised to discuss about workplace accident, humiliation, industrial dispute and workers action in 2016 and workplace situation, working hour and wages in five different sectors, i.e. Transport, Security, Hotel/ Restaurant, Re-rolling and Hospital/ Diagnostic Centre.

Labour Law related various issues ensuring workers protection and workplace safety were discussed in the seminar. Research reports on workplace death and injury due to accident and humiliation in 2016 and working hours and wages in five working sectors were presented in the seminar.

BILS prepared a survey report on workplace accident, humiliation and road accident based on news published in different national Dailies in 2016. According to the report 699 workers were died at workplace accident, where 28 were female and 703 workers were injured, where 174 were female.

Besides, 189 workers were died in humiliation. Among them 40 were female workers. In these cases, 390 workers were injured, where 81 were female.

Additionally, 149 workers were died in road accident, where 34 were female and 96 were injured, where 12 were female workers.

A total of 237 labour unrest and labour movement happened throughout the country in 2016.

In case of another research titled, “May Day Implications Versus Practices: Five Popular Labour Intensive Sectors”, research findings were presented to the journalists on workers working hour, wages, weekly holidays, rest, duty in public holidays including May Day, appointment letter, education, entertainment etc and were discussed elaborately.

Bangladesh Labour Rights Journalists Forum President Quazi Abdul Hannan , General Secretary Md. Ataur Rahman, BILS Executive Director Syed Sultan Uddin Ahmmed, Project Coordinator Kohinoor Mahmood and Nazma Yesmin, Information Coordinator Md. Yousuf Al-Mamun, Research Coordinator Md. Monirul Islam, Trade Union leaders of different sectors and media representatives were present in the seminar.