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Bangladesh Institute of Labour Studies – BILS

Established in 1995, Bangladesh Institute of Labour Studies-BILS is the only labour institute of the country. As an apex organization, BILS endeavors to uphold the causes of working people and trade unions of Bangladesh. 12 major National Trade Union Federations are associated with BILS.

Keeping in view to build up a just and democratic society, enabling the workers organizations to play appropriate role as a major force BILS emphasizes on capacity building of the Trade Unions through training, research and information sharing. Protecting workers rights is the main objective of BILS and it strives to promote just and worker friendly policies and laws in Bangladesh. It also plays a catalyst role in bridging trade unions, civil society and the government on labour market issues.

What we do

  • Capacity Building and support TU
  • Advocacy and Lobbying
  • Training and Education
  • Elimination of Worst form of Child Labour
  • Organising Forum and Networking
  • Research and Studies
  • Communication and Information
  • Internship and Academic Collaboration


BILS, established by the labour movement, shall contribute to develop Bangladesh to be a prosperous democratic society based on social dialogue, where workers  are free from all kinds of discrimination and exploitation  and  workers are not treated as commodity and the TUs are recognized as a respectable partner of progress and, where equal rights and opportunities are ensured in respect of ensuring decent work and fulfilling their basic needs like  food, shelter, education, medical care, social security, freedom of association, rule of law, peace and progressive socio-cultural environment.


BILS’s Mission is to support the Trade Union movement in Bangladesh to act as the social partner and as vanguard for decent work, democratic development by overcoming the challenges and embracing the prosperity. BILS provides support to TUs efforts in social dialogue and negotiation for the rights of workers through research, analysis, position paper, training, advocacy/campaign and networking. BILS supports TU capacity building and organizing drives.

Everyone has the right to form and join trade union for the protection of his/her interests.

Strength of BILS

Out of total 32 registered national trade union centres, major 12 are affiliated with BILS. BILS has active representative in various worker related Government Policy Intervention Committee. As a whole BILS has a great access to the working class through its affiliated national trade union centres and basic unions.

  • BILS can utilize all of its experiences, set-up and networks to reach the target group as well as to implement the proposed project.

BILS also have

  • Own Trainers team
  • Own Worker specific Training manuals/Handouts/Resource Documents
  • Modern Seminar Room
  • Own Training Centre
  • Own Research Team
  • Own Legal Advisor

We are associated with

Who made us proud:

We are not so big that we can make a change overnight, We are not so small that we cannot initiate a change.

Nazrul Islam Khan
Secretary General, BILS