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Name of the Project: BILS-FES Cooperation

Supported by: Freidrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES)

Duration: February –November 2020

Areas of collaboration:

  1. Advocacy for a Common Law for the Informal Sectors in Bangladesh
  2. Advocacy for Strengthening of TCC in RMG sector, Bangladesh
  3. Capacity Building of Youth Trade Unionists
  4. Capacity Building of ‘Bangladesh Chaa Sramik Union’for ensuring the rights of tea garden workers.


  1. The national level stakeholders will have a consensus for the formulation of A Common Law for Informal Sectors in Bangladesh to protect the informal workers as well as foster economic growth.
  2. Decent work will be ensured in the RMG sector in Bangladesh through proper functioning of the TCC of RMG sector.
  3. Advanced leadership skills and role of youth trade unionists for extended unity in labour movements.
  4. The rights situation of the tea garden workers will improve with increased social protection through the negotiation and collective bargaining of the ‘Bangladesh Chaa Sramik Union’.

Major Activities:

  1. Situation Analysis : Corona Virus on Fishing Workers: Impact & Recommendations for Way forward
  2. A short Overview : Informal Sector in Bangladesh : Definition, Arena , Legal Status & Impact during Corona
  3. Consultation Meeting with NTUC’s on provision of common law for informal sector in Bangladesh
  4. National roundtable/consultation to share the national strategy with relevant stakeholders
  5. Situation analysis: Corona & RMG sector in Bangladesh : Present Situation & role of TCC in RMG
  6. Study Circle with Youth Trade Union Organizers
  7. Youth Camp
  8. Situation analysis on workers condition, lively hood, OHS, factory safety & local trade union in  5 different areas
  9. Develop a booklet as a popular version for ensuring the rights of Tea Garden workers’ rights on  related law, rules and other legal instruments
  10. Develop & Finalize contents for Module on collective bargaining & negotiation, Decent work, decent wage & Gender and youth leadership development

Location: Dhaka

Target Groups: National Trade Union Leadership, Youth Leadership, Tea Garden Workers & Fishing workers