Razzak Vila, House-8/A/Ka (4th Floor), Road-13(New), Dhanmondi, Dhaka.

Library and Documentation

BILS has a specialized library on basic and contemporary labour issues and other relevant fields. It is a collection of more than a thousand books including research reports, manuals, and journals. It uses user friendly database software catalogued under the titles of Labour Law, Women Issues, Child Labour, Decent Work, Social Security/Social Safety Net, Migrant Worker, Occupational Health & Safety, Trade Union and Labour Issue, Human Rights, History/Labour Movement, Economics (Globalization/Privatization), Social Political Issues, Statistics and Environment.

General Rules:

  • BILS Advisory Committee, executive Committee, general member and office staff can borrow the books.
  • Some special; cases researcher, teacher, leader renowned person, any institute can borrow the books only by special recommendation/reference from ED/A.E.D and project staffs.
  • Each person can borrow only three books
  • Borrowers have to return the books within Seven (7) days.
  • Nobody can borrow the reference books i.e. encyclopedia, dictionary, documentation file etc.
  • Users have to maintain the library- time 9.30 AM-5.30 PM (close on Friday and Saturday)
  • If anyone has lost or destroys any book. He/she has to compensate for this.

Collection of Books, Journals, periodicals etc.

  • A large number of reference books and reports are in the collection of library. These, among others:
    Child Labour, Decent Work, Development Studies, Dictionary and others, Economics, Environment, Globalization, History, Human rights, Information Technology , Labour Law, Literature, Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), Privatization, Political Issues, Social and Political Issues, Social Security, Statistics, Trade Union, Youth and etc.
  • BILS own Publications:
    • BILS Bulletin (Bengali and English)
    • BILS Journal “Sramik”
    • Research Reports
    • Weekly Press Clipping (Bengali and English)
    • Monthly Press Clipping (English)
    • Special Press Clipping on Different Important issues
  • Local News Papers: 16 Local news papers are available in the library for the readers.
  • Annual Report of different Institutions: Annual Report and other publications are also available in this library.
  • Govt. Publication: Government Publication i.e. Bangladesh gazette, Extra ordinary gazette, Budget, BBS Publications are preserved in the library.
  • Bound News Paper/Journal/Periodical: Most important of local and foreign Journals/Periodicals are preserved in bound volume; Two current news papers i.e. The Ittefaq, The Daily Star. Magazine of The Daily Star, observer , Independent are also BILS publications.
  • News Clipping: Bangladesh Institute of Labour studies – BILS Library maintains on about 22 Subjects of clipping news. The most important subjects are Aids, Arsenic, Budget, Child labour, Economics ,Environment, EPZ , Feature File Garments and others, Globalization, OIL and Gas , Migrant Worker, Statistics, Occupational health and Safety (OHS), Privatization, Poverty Reduction Strategy Plan _PRSP), Pay Commission, SKOP, Trade Union and Human Rights, Trafficking, Women issues and Miscellaneous.
  • Cataloguing & Classification System: Dewey Decimal Classification and A.L.A. Cataloguing Rules are followed in the library. Computerized Cataloging System. Books are issued/returned through Register book.


Officers and Staff of BILS are regular users of the library. They can borrow books according to the library rules. Journals and periodicals are mainly used in library premises. However, people other than BILS officers/staff are allowed to use of library facilities within library premises only.


Bangladesh Institute of Labour Studies (BILS) Library is a part of Information and Research Department of the BILS. Overall functions of the Library are under the supervision/guidance of BILS Management. The management selects books, journals, magazines, newspaper etc. for purchase and prepares/amends the rules and regulations of the library as needed from time to time.