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BILS Information Department provides information services to the BILS-associated NTUCs, mass media and other development partners at home and abroad. Trade Union activists, educationists, researchers, journalists are the main target groups of the services of this department.

BILS Bulletin Srama Sangbad

BILS Bulletin covers the activity news of BILS and its projects, the trade unions and other organizations working for the welfare of workers. This is a publication of both Bengali and English versions. Quarterly BILS Publishes 1000 copies of its bulletin in Bengali and 1000 copies in English version. This is an in-house publication for internal circulation.

Besides BILS publishes a special issue on May Day in both Bengali and English Version every year.


Another regular publication of BILS’ is its Journal LABOUR. It is a quarterly publication of both Bengali and English versions. From 1998 to till date BILS published a total of 17 issues of its journal.

The quantity of this publication is 1000 copies in Bengali and 1000 copies in English.

Trade union rights, Child labour elimination, Women Workers Development, Occupational Health and Safety, Social Security, Labour laws, Life and Struggle of Working People, Misery of workers life all these are key areas to concentrate in the articles published in journal.

BILS leaders, trade union activists, university teachers, researchers, journalists are the regular contributors of this publication. Besides BILS research findings on different labour issues are also published in this journal. BILS always feels pleased to keep an academic essence in this publication.

Press Clippings

From its inception BILS has been compiling Local and global news or articles published in the national and regional newspapers directly or indirectly related with interest of working people in fortnight basis. BILS names it as “Press Clipping”. BILS-associated NTUCs and BILS leaders are the recipients of these press clippings. This service is provided to the leaders in order to keep them updated on the latest conditions of the labour market and other related important issues. This is a Bengali version. A compilation of English reporting in newspapers also prepared in monthly basis. International agencies, Organisations, donors are the recipients of these clippings.

Feature Services

For last few years BILS has been publishing features on workers’ rights and labour issues in national dailies and weeklies at its own initiative. Every year several numbers of features are published. Journalists from different newspapers write these features for BILS. Almost 30 Features have been published in dailies and weeklies as BILS Feature in these years.

Workshop for Journalists

BILS organizes a workshop on The Role of Mass Media in Protecting Workers’ Rights for journalists every year. Last three years BILS organized three workshops in Dhaka, Khulna and Chittagong respectively.

Through this workshop BILS is getting mention worthy results. Journalists found this course as very effective and showed keen interest to attend this type of workshop more and more. They even suggested to organize such workshop in district level and pointed on the necessity of follow-up. As immediate output of these workshops, BILS found a series of in-depth reports published in the national and local newspapers immediately after the conclusion of the workshops.

Trade Union and Media Communication Seminar

It is another regular activity of BILS Information Department, which is organized every year. It’s a five-day orientation course for TU activists on Journalism and Communication. BILS always hires an Expert team to conduct this seminar. Through this seminar BILS tries to make TU activists capable to prepare bulletin, newsletter, leaflet and other publications of their own organizations. Participants also get knowledge on preparing press release on their activities and feature writing. By this time BILS Organized three 5 day seminars on Trade Union and Media Communication.