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BILS organized health camp in Chattogram

Bangladesh Institute of Labour Studies-BILS organized a health camp for providing medical treatment facilities to the sick workers and their family members which has been held on 13th October 2023 at Bandar-Patenga I/A, Chattogram. BILS-LRSC CC Committee Chairman and eminent trade union leader BJSD Chattogram president A M Nazimuddin, as chief guest inaugurated the health camp while other local TU leaders were also present. A total number of 122 workers and their family members were provided with medical treatment facilities during the day-long health camp. Of them 60 were male and 62 were females. 2 doctors, 1 of medicine and another a gynecologist provided the overall day-long treatment facility.

The inaugural session was presided over by Md. Nurul Absur, Secretary-BMSF, Chattogram. During the inaugural session BILS-LRSC CC Committee Chairman and eminent trade union leader BJSD Chattogram president A M Nazimuddin, in his speech said, our workers are playing a pivotal role to keep national economic growth well and they are playing key role in our national economic development too. But it is sad to say that workers are often being deprived of their basic human rights and also from the rights and entitlements as worker. Providing health care facilities to the workers is the responsibility of the state as well as of employers-he said. Getting medical treatment facility of any worker is a law covered as well as a basic human right-he said. We cannot deny it. He further added, we have to ensure workplace safety and create a pro-worker working environment.

During the day-long health camp at Bandar-Patenga I/A, Chattogram local trade union leaders and BILS team members took part in numerous voluntary activities like bring the sick workers to the camp venue, providing them medical treatment and medicines, food and giving them advisory support regarding their health issues.

Other trade union leaders present during the health camp said accidents, injuries and sickness is very common in our workplaces. We have to ensure a secure and better working environment for the workers. They hope that the employers will come forward to take pro-worker initiatives regarding the occupational health and safety of the workers.  BILS health camp initiative was praised by local trade unions and social leadership.