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Review and coordination meeting held in Chittagong

As part of the BILS- DGB-BW project activity, a quarterly periodical review and coordination meeting of the BILS young organisers team was held on October 29, 2018 at the Seminar Hall of Hotel Mishkah in Chittagong.

The day long program was designed with 4-separate training sessions on some important labour related issues aiming to encourage the participants to form newer Trade Unions and play a pro-worker role in their respective sectors.

BILS-LRSC Coordination Committee member and TUC Chittagong President Tapan Dutta presided over the meeting and BILS-LRSC Centre Coordination Committee Chairman A M Nazimuddin gave the inaugural speech while BILS Young Organisers Team members were present in the meeting.

Earlier on October 12, 2018 another review and coordinator meeting with young organisers team was held at Hotel Raz in Chittagong. Strengthening the efforts by the team members and encouraging them to organise and form newer Trade Union selected sectors of Chittagong were the main objectives of the meeting.

The meeting was presided over by BILS-LRSC Coordination Committee Chairman and BJSD-Chittagong President A M Nazimuddin, JZJB Central Committee International A_airs Sceretary Monirul Kabir, BILS-LRSC Paralegal Coordinator Rizwanur Rahman Khan and young organisers team members were present in the meeting.