Razzak Vila, House-8/A/Ka (4th Floor), Road-13(New), Dhanmondi, Dhaka.


BILS Successful Advocacy towards Policy Change:

  • Domestic Workers Protection and Welfare Policy-2015” Formation
  • Occupational Health & Safety Policy-2013” Formation
  • Bangladesh Labour Law- 2013” Amendment
  • Bangladesh Labour Rules- 2015”Formation
  • Bangladesh Labour Policy” Formation
  • Child Labour Policy- 2011”Formation
  • Bangladesh Migration Policy” Formation
  • Overseas Employment and Migrants Act- 2013” Formation


BILS Current Advocacy Campaign:

  • Domestic Workers Protection and Welfare Policy- 2015” Implementation
  •  Bangladesh Labour Act Reform
  • Labour OHS Situation Improvement
  • Setting up National Compensation Standard
  • Setting up National Minimum Wage
  • Increasing Legal Protection for Women Workers