Razzak Vila, House-8/A/Ka (4th Floor), Road-13(New), Dhanmondi, Dhaka.



  • Encouraging for Preparing labour and labour related Research.
  • Facilitate to increase knowledge on occupational efficiency and organizational behaviors.


Working Strategies

  • Regular communications and co-ordinations from external and internal supervisors.
  • Providing overall idea about formal activities and working strategies of the institution.
  • Preparing a plan with the collaboration between research and program.
  • Specified the research field.
  • Draft report Reviewing.
  • Presenting the final report.
  • Evaluation and publication.


Participation and Research Field

  • Trade Union history of Bangladesh.
  • Overall observation of female workers in their maternity protection.
  • Labour related laws and policies.
  • Working environment and workers’ rights.
  • Working environment and socio- economic condition of tea industries workers.
  • Workplace accidents, disputes and Violence.
  • Labour Welfare Centre.
  • Indigenous women workers and Beauty parlar Industries.
  • Rights and working environment of industrial workers.
  • Problem of labours in labour court.