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Research dissemination programme on Decent Work for Domestic Workers and Intersections with VAWG/GBV

BILS under its Securing Rights project supported by OXFAM in Bangladesh organised a research dissemination programme at the National Press Club Lounge in Dhaka on on February 12, 2023. Report of the research titled by “Decent Work and Intersections with VAWG/GBV: A Study on Domestic Workers in Bangladesh” conducted by Dnet for BILS under the project has been shared with government, local government, policy makers, media, trade union, civil society and project partners.

Objective of the research:

The overall objective of this study is to find the priority issues of domestic workers including during COVID and after COVID issues, analyse the present situation of overall status of decent work and assess the situation of rights to dignified job for them in the informal sector in Bangladesh addressing an intersection with VAWG/GBV. Study findings would be the tool for lobby, evidence-based advocacy and shall generated knowledge for civil society actions and interventions.

Some Recommendations from media sharing:

  • If we can bring this sector under the platform economy/ gig economy it can be a 10.2-billion-dollar local market in Bangladesh where both business, workers and employers all along can be benefitted.
  • Inclusion of domestic workers in the labour law and implementation of the DWPWP, 2015 is necessary.
  • large sector of 22 lacs workers has no declared wage which is urgent.
  • Ratification of ILO convention necessary.
  • Beside CSOs govt. must put emphasis on DW issues.

Media can play a very important role to establish this sector to be considered as an industry.