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LO-FTF Officials visit and Meeting at Sitakunda

LO-FTF Officials visit SitakundaA meeting was held between ship breaking workers and LO-FTF Officials at Sitakund, Chittagong On June 17 2017. SBWTUF Joint Convener A M Nazim Uddin presided over the meeting. Forum Treasurer Rizwanur Rahman Khan, Members Didarul Alam Chowdhury and Md Ali were also present in the meeting.

Ship breaking worker Jibon said ‘Awareness training organized by BILS-LO-FTF in Sitakund area helped me a lot. Now I am aware about my rights and I can aware other workers to protect their rights. I am conscious about my safety and I know the importance and usages of Personal Protective Equipment’s (PPE)’.

Another worker Noyon said ‘The working condition of Ship Breaking is most hazardous. Accident may happen any time. We are always in risk but the reality is, knowing all these I am working here because I have no alternative job or work to maintain my family expenditure’.

Another worker Saiful said he is working in Ship Breaking Yard more than 20 years. Working condition of ship breaking yard is improving slowly due to the activities of SBWTUF. Now yard owners know that he has to compensate for accident. There is no way to escape. It is because of the forum activities. So, he demanded more activity for ship breaking workers.

LO-FTF officials appreciated the activities of Ship Breaking Workers Trade Union Forum. They hoped that they will continue their cooperation to run such activities.

Meanwhile, LO-FTF Officials interviewed two activists. Then they went to visit ship-breaking yard. But due to weekend and Ramadan they were unable to enter ship yard. From beach and Swandip (an island) jetty, they had a look to shipyard and took some pictures.