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Day-long Workshop held to prepare charter of demand for Health and Diagnostics sector

BILS, under the DGB-BW project organised a day-long workshop to finalize the issues to draft a charter of demand on July 22, 2020 at Hotel Golden Inn Seminar Hall, Chattogram. Apart from the senior leadership associated with the BILS-LRSC coordinating activities, all mainstream TU organisation leadership of Chattogram private health and diagnostics took part in the workshop.

The inaugurating session of the day-long workshop was addressed by BILS-LRSC Coordination Committee Chairman A M Nazimuddin. The various sessions of the workshop was conducted by BILS-LRSC Coordination Committee Member-Secretary Md. Safar Ali, Member Tapan Dutta, BILS-LRSC officials namely Pahari Bhattacharjee and Rizwanur Rahman Khan.

Leadership from Chattogram private health and diagnostics including the representatives of TU organisations of JSL, BJSD, TUC, BFTUC were present at the workshop.

Participants in the workshop identified the existing problems of Private Health and Diagnostics workers, role of TUs and the management regarding these and finalized 9 issues on priority basis to incorporate all these in the charter of demand to be finalized and submitted.