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Ongoing activities of BILS during COVID-19 situation

Ongoing activities

  • Prepared a compilation report on RMG situation under the heading “COVID 19 and World of Work Struggle for Survival” and is disseminating to the Nat’l Trade unions and members of IndustriALL Bangladesh Council ( based on news media);
  • Online awareness building Campaign on combating COVID-19;
  • Preparing a compilation report on labour market situation and disseminating to the Nat’l Trade unions and sharing on social media ( based on news media);
  • Prepared a document based on the instructions declared by our Honorable Prime Minister to combat the challenges created due to COVID-19 situation.
  • Prepared a detailed report on five points ( out of 31) specified for working people as a whole, so that the TUs can monitor on the implementation of PM’s declaration, raise voice during any bipartite/ tripartite meeting.
  • Preparing BILS and Trade Union Position Paper on COVID-19 crisis in Bangladesh: issues and concerns related to labour market situation, future of workers and Trade Union demands ( on going)
  • Preparing campaign and training materials
  • Prepared and published Situational Report on Domestic Workers for 2019
  • Preparing contents of bulletin


  • Organise Talk show and Media briefing on the Position paper during the occasion of May Day
  • Waiting for response from OXFAM regarding the submission of the proposal to provide humanitarian support to Domestic workers
  • Campaign to ensure social security for all informal workers and Mobilising fund through the BILS Youth Team to support vulnerable TU activists.
  • Engage professional journalists to identify the actual labour situation of selected sectors of a particular areas during COVID 19 crisis in Chattogram and prepare report with case studies.
  • Organise a media briefing to share the findings and published in the print media;