Razzak Vila, House-8/A/Ka (4th Floor), Road-13(New), Dhanmondi, Dhaka.

National dialogue for sharing joint action plan on Decent Work for Domestic Workers

BILS organised a national dialogue with different stakeholders to share the joint action plan on rights, protection and Decent Work for Domestic Workers at Asia Hotel and Resorts on January 31, 2023.

Panelists from policy makers, government, local government, civil society, national trade union federations, employers, domestic workers, international organizations, National Domestic Workers Rights Network (DWRN), media, project partners and members of Consultative Forum formed to support the Securing Rights project were present at meeting.

A total of 62 people participated the event (F- 25, M- 37). Amirul Haque Amin, Vice Chairman, BILS chaired and Mujibul Haque MP was the chief guest at the event.

Some important recommendations received from the meeting:

  • The issue of domestic workers database development is a matter of lobby with Mayor and CSOs need to take necessary actions;
  • Database of domestic workers will solve many problems like (introducing social safety, emergency relief distribution, registration, protection from violence etc.)
  • The issue of domestic workers dignity may be included in the education curriculum;
  • Domestic workers ‘children’s education should be ensured by govt. or employer.
  • Convention ratification shall impose some bindings on introducing law on this sector;
  • Domestic workers can be organized through unregistered union,
  • A labour law amendment can be made for just the freedom of association of the domestic workers.
  • Religious values are important for the protection of domestic workers from violence and harassments;
  • Local ward councilors may play a vital role for the database development of the domestic workers
  • Employers attitude towards domestic workers need to be changed;