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Media Briefing held at Chattogram

BILS under its’ DGB-BW project organised a Media Briefing on June 27, 2021 at Dum Phoonk Restaurant, opposite of Chattogram Press Club.

Main objectives of the Media Briefing was to acknowledge last 6 months BILS-LRSC activities, to opine on existing regional Trade Union scenario and to express opinion on the latest government-declared budget in terms of labour and trade union perspectives.

BILS-LRSC Center Coordination Committee member and senior Trade Union leader Tapan Datta read out the key note paper. While BILS-LRSC Chairman A M Nazimuddin and Member-Secretary of LRSC Center Coordination Committee Md. Safar Ali and BILS Sr. Officer Pahari Bhattacharjee answered questions raised by the media-persons during the press briefing.

Speakers at the press briefing said that all informal sector workers are passing a very risky period amid COVID-19. Most informal workers like construction, transport, hawkers, rickshaw-pullers, hotel-restaurant, decorator-shop workers are in vulnerable condition for last 1 year due to job-scarcity, less-income and pandemic-related socio-economic new realities. RMG and other sector workers is also becoming victim of illegal lay-off and forced termination–the speakers said.

From the media briefing also expressed deep concern over recent killing of 7 workers at SS Power Plant, Gondamara, Banskhali, Chattogram. It also condemned continuous accidental injury and death of Ship breaking sector workers due to negligence of yard owners and lack of vigilance by the related government departments and organs.

The leaders demanded subsidies for workers and less-privileged citizens in the proposed and declared budget. It also claimed for rationing and other facilities for working class of the countries.