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BILS Profile

BILS has been working on labour issue since 1995 when it is established. BILS endeavors to uphold the causes of working people and Trade Unions of Bangladesh. 14 major National Trade Union federations are associated with BILS.

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Keeping in view to build a just and democratic society, enabling the workers organizations to play appropriate role as a major force BILS emphasizes on capacity building of the Trade Unions through Trainings, research and information sharing. Protecting workers rights is the main objectives of BILS and it strives to promote just and worker friendly policies and Laws in Bangladesh. It also plays a catalyst role in bridging trade unions civil society and the government of labour market issues.

BILS: An institute for Capacity Building of Trade Union


  • Developed Bangladesh
  • Democratic society
  • No discrimination, no exploitation
  • Equal rights for all
  • Fulfilling basic needs
  • Workers should not be treated as a commodity


  • United TU movement
  • Democratic development
  • Overcoming challengesA� and embracing prosperity
  • Fulfilling knowledge and skills of the workers

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